Trading Simplified

Unlike other brokerages, we like to keep things simple. We only offer one account type. Everyone gets the same options and choices and most importantly the SAME support and attention from us.







True Gold Might Not Always Glitter

Quite often, a radical approach is not liked by the masses. Its ok because when you’re trying to change a long existent mindset it takes a lot of courage to stand your ground and do the right thing. The first one through the wall always gets bloody.

Some traders will not like our radical approach. Our leverage is not the highest in the market. Our minimum deposit requirements are also not the lowest. Our pricing is not the cheapest (we don’t aim to give you 0.01 spread and then raise it up to 4.5 when you’re not looking…all in the name of “volatility from the liquidity provider”), yet, from one trader to another  – if you’re serious about this, then you will know that Manhattan Global Markets is your best choice for a trading broker.

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If you’re serious about trading then Manhattan Global Markets is your ideal broker partner. Our pricing is great. Our approach is transparent and our value to you is INCOMPARABLE.

Account Features

  • Base Currency USD, GBP, EUR, AUD or NZD
  • 24/5 Customer Support
  • MT4 Platform
  • Maximum Leverage 200:1
  • No commission on trades
  • Minimum 0.01 Lot per trade
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