FIX API Trading Solutions

If you’re a serious trader, you need a better, faster, smarter and more sophisticated way of trading your high frequency strategies. If you’re a serious trader, you need Manhattan Global Markets’ FIX API Trading Solutions.

Ultra Fast Trade Execution

The FIX Protocol was established for interbank trading systems back in the day but is now the preferred choice of serious high frequency traders. Our FIX API trading solution incorporates an highly advanced and ultra-low latency implementation of version 4.4 of the FIX protocol, ready and able to handle thousands of trades/sec.

Every Trader Deserves Access

Traditionally, FIX API trading accounts are reserved for the elite traders and most brokers ask for large deposits before a FIX API account is provided. Not here. At Manhattan Global Markets, we believe that every trader deserves a chance to trade using the FIX API with a small deposit of just $5,000 (USD).

No Monthly Minimum Charges

The days when FIX API trading accounts used to be expensive and loaded with monthly charges are gone now. With Manhattan Global Markets, there are no minimum monthly charges. Trade as much or as little as you want, when you want, how you want. We will stand beside you and help you achieve your goals at every step.

Designed for High Frequency Traders

Whether you’re trading a latency strategy, volume spread analysis, hyper scalping or rapid price action, our FIX API trading account has everything you need to get ahead as a retail trader. Backed by institutional grade, Tier 1 liquidity, you are guaranteed better results with us than anywhere else.

B.Y.O Platform or Use Ours

Our FIX API trading accounts are the most flexible compared to anything else available at any other brokerage. You can connect our FIX API to any FIX compliant trading platform or integrate trading algorithms directly with our FIX API. If you don’t have an existing platform, then you can also use our Fix API Trading platform that uses the familiar MT4 as the front end graphical interface but uses our powerful FIX engine for trade execution.

Flexible Order Types Supported

As high frequency traders, your strategy may require the FIX IOC (Immediate or Cancel) or the FOK (Fill or Kill) order tag. We support both – for market orders as well as for limit orders. Our order rejection rates are below 1% across the network and even during news times, our slippage never goes above a pip or a pip and half. No broker will be upfront in telling you that but for the sake of transparency, you must know that every broker experiences slippage – regardless of how good their marketing is. We are no exception. However, we handle things better because we fight for the traders.

Unrivaled Trading Conditions

As with everything at Manhattan Global Markets, our FIX API trading accounts enjoy ultimate transparency and integrity when it comes to trade execution. We absolutely detest dealing desk and B-Book mentality and pass your trades straight to the bank with only the spread as our true and only source of revenue. There are no dodgy plugins deployed anywhere that can hinder with your trade outcomes so let it loose, turn on the tap, you’ve got access to our fire hose directly into interbank liquidity – trade … win… repeat.

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