Free Trading Algos

Manhattan Global Markets is the only broker that gives you free trading algos through its MT4 Platform as expert advisors. These EAs are very powerful and have helped us and many others make a lot of money from the markets.

The EAs we provide are designed to trade in varying market conditions. These EAs are not any magic pill nor is this the Holy Grail you’ve been looking for.  Even though these EAs run on auto pilot, you as a trader need to know how to use them to make it work for you.

Expert Advisors

Expert Advisors have been used by accomplished traders for a long time to compliment their manual trading skills. Expert Advisors are trading robots (for the lack of a better term) and use algorithms in real time to trade on your behalf.

There are pros and cons of using automated algorithmic trading systems, however, with what these Expert Advisors can do for you, as a serious trader, you must consider deploying them on a VPS so that trading can happen 24/5 – something, you as a human cannot possibly do consistently.

These trading bots helped us a lot during our trading days and we are confident they will be a welcome addition to your trading arsenal.

Situational Awareness

Markets are constantly moving and as much as there are repetitive patterns in a chart, it is virtually impossible for anyone to accurately predict what is about to happen when the next bar opens.

Furthermore, not every currency pair, CFD, commodity or equity has similar trading dynamics. For example, GBP pairs are exceptionally more volatile and “jerky” in comparison to AUD or NZD based pairs. So the algorithms that perform well on AUD pairs (stable, respects technical indicators) may not do well on GBP (volatile, unpredictable, rash movements) pairs.

Our Algos are designed to trade under varying market conditions and volatility. Keep reading and you’ll see how.

The Free MT4 Expert Advisors provided by Manhattan Global Markets are only available to traders that deposit $1000 in their trading account. These Expert Advisors only work on Manhattan Global Markets accounts.

Breakout Hunter


Every trading blog, course and system talks about the need to have a good breakout strategy in a successful traders’ arsenal. The Breakout Hunter Expert Advisor for MT4 is a simple yet powerful breakout strategy based on a channel trading algorithm. Trades are handled using pending orders and orders are only opened when price breaks and closes above a specific level.

Grid Trader


Grid based trading is relatively new and relies on common sense more than any advanced trading algo. The idea is that price moves in one direction at a time. If you don’t know which direction that is, just place pending orders in either direction and whichever order gets triggered you go with that and delete the other. A trading grid can be made up of several levels depending on your risk tolerance.

Trend Trader


Trading with the trend is always a good idea. The Manhattan Quotient Indicator, which accurately depicts trend direction using a histogram type indicator is the backbone of this Expert Advisor. We get in early and using a trailing stop loss strategy we close the trade just before the trend runs out of steam.

Range Trader


Every financial instrument spends around 70% of the time trading within a range with a clear support and resistance channel controlling the price maximum and minimums. The Range Trader Algo simply identifies such a range and exploits it with precision. This algo is designed to work only on ranging instruments e.g. EURGBP, GBPJPY, SP500 or GER30.

Powerful Features

Each of our Free EA’s come with the following power features to help you maximize your trading profits.

Money Management

Fixed lot based trading is known to be a much safer and reliable method to build equity without taking excessive risks per trade. With complete control over how much risk you wish to take on each trade, you can quickly and easily manage the lot sizes for each of these trading strategies.

Trade Management

You can set up any of these trading strategies to trade every day, every hour or at specific days of the week or hours of the day. With complete control over how and when you use any of these strategies to make money from the markets, you are now in full control of an automated trading system that’s all yours for free. Where else can you find such a vast array of value added tools and services?

Trailing Stop Loss

Because these algos are designed to work on your behalf while you’re not looking, each strategy comes with a smart trailing stop loss manager that automatically starts trailing as soon as your trade breaks even. This way, you maximize your profits and minimize losses in case the market makes any sharp U-Turns.

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