Free Custom Indicators for MT4

Every trader that joins Manhattan Global Markets and deposits at least $1000 in a live account gets all our custom indicators for FREE.

These custom indicators helped us focus our efforts on the most important technical analysis methods using mathematical algorithms we developed when we were full time traders. Simply put… we wouldn’t trade without them.

MT4 and Indicators

The MT4 platform already comes packed with a bunch of very useful indicators such as the Moving Average indicator, Bollinger Bands, Accumulation Distribution and Volumes Indicator. These are great but quite often you have to load multiple indicators on a single chart in order to get the information you want.

Typically you’d want 3 or 4 moving averages, a volume indicator, a range indicator (such as the Bollinger Bands) and have your chart looking like a dog’s breakfast.

This is why, sophisticated traders have their own set of custom indicators they either develop or purchase from third parties to get the job done. With us, they’re all FREE.

The Manhattan Advantage

Remember how we used to be full time traders before we setup this brokerage? Well during the several years we traded the markets for a living (and a rather lavish lifestyle we might add), we built a bunch of custom indicators based on our trading style and strategies.

These indicators are designed to work across multiple timeframes and multiple instruments. The objective is to de-clutter your chart space and perform all the calculations in the background giving you simple, reliable and actionable information on the chart using which you can make instant trading decisions.

You’ll love how simple trading has become with our indicators.

The Free MT4 Indicators provided by Manhattan Global Markets are only available to traders that deposit $1000 in their trading account. These indicators only work on Manhattan Global Markets accounts. 

Multi-Level Support/Resistance Lines


Support & Resistance lines are never static or fixed to one price point. They are constantly moving and yesterday’s support is today’s resistance. With the Multiple Support/Resistance Lines Mt4 Indicator you can see support and resistance lines across all major price zones.

Fibonacci Mystery Lines


Witness the miracle and genius of Fibonaci in these magic pop numbers. Every time price approaches any of these dotted lines, it either consolidates or bounces. These levels are calculated dynamically and with the highlighted zones marked on the screenshot you can see market reaction near these lines.

Support/Resistance Zones


If you are a range trader then knowing precise but strong support and resistance levels is key to a successful trading strategy. With the Support & Resistance Zone Marker MT4 Indicator you can quickly and easily determine support & Resistance zones including the pip value of that zone based on previous “X” bars or “Y” hours.

Manhattan Quotient


This is by far our flagship tool. This tool alone made us close to 8-10% gains per day when we were trading. As simple as it is, the Manhattan Quotient is an index derived from 5 different moving averages across 3 layers of timeframes. The accuracy and consistency of this indicator has surprised us for years. Now its your turn.

Daily Movement Indicator


Knowing which currency pair to trade can make all the difference between a good day and a bad day. The Daily Movement MT4 Indicator analyzes the daily movement of a currency pair, applies the average True Range over a Daily Timeframe, compares it over the previous 10 periods and gives you a simple Pip value for that pair.

Buy/Sell Arrows Indicator


It doesn’t get any more simpler than this. This indicator is a perfect example of performing all the complex calculations in the background and leaving you, the trader, with a simple Buy/Sell arrow with alerts for when to buy or when to sell an instrument. Works on all instruments and all timeframes, however trading below M15 is not recommended.

Powerful Features

All our custom indicators come with built-in goodness.

Non Repainting

One of the biggest challenges with technical analysis and using custom indicators is the lag time between an event taking place in the market and the indicator reporting it to you. With us, our indicators are “zero-lag” indicators. No repainting. No re-drawing.

Low CPU Usage

Many real-time indicators are massive memory hogs and chew up CPU power and RAM like nobody’s business. We have taken special care in developing these indicators to make sure they don’t drain your computer resources – this also means that you can run our algos on low powered VPS and still get high performance.

Built-In Alerts

All our indicators are equipped with audible, email and push notification alerts that can be sent directly to your mobile phone if you’re using the MT4 mobile terminal. With alerts coming to you for each trading opportunity, you can now execute trades anytime, anywhere, just from your mobile phone.

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