Sophisticated Platform For Sophisticated Traders

Manhattan Global Markets have partnered with Spotware to bring the power of the cTrader Platform directly to every trader out there. Continue reading to learn more why cTrader is fast becoming the platform of choice for algorithmic traders around the world.

Designed For Algorithmic Traders

We are committed to providing the best and most efficient trading tools for high frequency and algorithmic traders. This, along with our desire to move away from the traditional, slower trading platforms to something more “future proof” led us to cTrader. Once we discovered cTrader, we knew…this is something our traders will fall in love with very quickly.

Super Fast Trade Execution

For high frequency traders, timing is everything. The success of your trade will depend on how fast you are able to fill your order, and that’s one of the things cTrader is VERY fast and efficient in. cTrader additionally supports simultaneous orders – when you’re entering a few trades at the same time, there isn’t any order queue. Easy, smart, quick.

Advanced Charting Tools

cTrader’s charting is packed with features to accommodate the needs of any and all sorts of traders. Get the view of the market when you need it, with your various presentation modes, layouts and templates that are customizable. Don’t miss your entry – identify trade options with cTrader’s extensive list of built-in indicators. You can even create your own customized indicators in C#, install various other custom indicators from the cTrader Marketplace, and together combine indicators by using one to reference the other.

One-Click Trading

One click and double click trading are available from the top of every chart. Together with cTrader’s lightning-fast execution speeds, this gives you the fastest possible market entry option

Better Chart Timeframes

You can see charts on 6 different zoom levels for an in-depth or birds-eye view of currency price action. cTrader charts support 26 time frames, including 2 instant, 4 instant and 12 hr charts, to suit different trading strategies and help traders develop a market price projection.

From Mobile to Tablet. Web to Desktop. cTrader has it all

The speed, responsiveness and ease of use of cTrader continues to amaze us and as traders you will experience a major difference in how you trade once you move to cTrader.

cAlgo for Algo Developers

cAlgo is an extremely powerful platform for creating and trading with robots and indicators developed in C#. Selling points should focus on the power of the C# coding language, the scope of robots and indicators that can be created, advanced backtesting, and integration with cTrader.

  • C# means users don’t have to learn a platform-sepcific language that can’t be used anywhere else.
  • Users can choose from a wide range of C# resources to help them write their own algorithms. And they can choose from thousands of existing developers who can help them with their coding.
  • cTDN is a dedicated community for cAlgo traders. It provides extensive library of robots and indiacators. It’s also where users can go to get help with their own algorithms from the Spotware team and other community.
  • cTrader also shows all positions opened with cAlgo, and vice-versa.
  • Access to level II pricing from the user source.
  • Reference an unlimited number of indicators from a single algorithm.
  • Advanced backtesting: Users can choose a time period and run the backtest to see a detailed report on robot performance.
  • API reference available next to source code editor for fast reference.

cMirror for Trade Copiers

cMirror is a new and revolutionary Mirror Trading platform brought to you by Manhattan Global Markets. Any trader with a Manhattan Global Markets cTrader account can easily become a Signal Provider or Mirror Trader. Its simple, powerful, intuitive and intelligent.

  • Open: cMirror is a fully open trading community allowing signal providers to offer their strategy to any investor regardless of which broker they reside and vice versa.
  • Transparent: Investors can see in depth performance break down, open positions and history of each strategy which can be filtered by a variety of time periods.
  • Risk Management: Mirror Traders can set forcing Stop Loss and Take Profit for each strategy, adjust mirroring volume they wish to use and reverse a strategy.
  • Clever: cMirror recommends what volume percentage should be used for each strategy based on how many other strategies are already being mirrored, difference in equity between the Strategy Provider and Mirror Trader.
  • Fast: Brokers servers are co-hosted on the same physical machines along with the rest of Spotware’s platforms ensuring minimal latency.

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