FIX API Trading

With Manhattan Global Markets’ existing technology relationships and deep liquidity, every trader can now trade like a pro.

FIX API For High Volume, High Frequency Traders

We built our FIX infrastructure with one goal in mind. To create a single point of access  to our Tier-1 FX liquidity venues and empower your business with unmatched levels of technology.

With our depth of liquidity, speed of execution, full post trade transparency report and trading anonymity, the FIX API solution is currently unmatched in the market.

Need for Speed

We’re fanatic about high frequency trading. Success in HFT heavily depends on the speed at which orders are executed. With our FIX API, you will see execution speeds that is below anything you ever thought was even possible.

Deep Liquidity

Our existing technology and Tier 1 banking relationships have allowed us to secure inter-bank liquidity across more than a dozen top tier banks around the world. All that, is now yours through our FIX API trading solution.


We’re “FOR TRADERS” and our primary objective is to help you (the trader) succeed. Sometimes liquidity providers raise an eye-brow or two against certain trading strategies. Not anymore. Trade freely. We’ve got your back.

Need To Know

As a trader, you must have the ability to make quick and instant trading decisions. This is only possible if you know which trades are performing well and which aren’t. Get transparent reports from our DMA channel and get in the know…

Ready to Roll?

Our FIX API solutions are currently one of the most superior (if not THE MOST superior) implementations of the FIX 4.4 protocol. Speed, transparency, efficiency and our depth of liquidity are the primary reasons why you should consider partnering with us for your FIX API trading needs.

If you’re ready to roll, go ahead and sign up for a FIX API account. Everything you need to know about our FIX API accounts is spelled out very transparently on the FIX API accounts page.

Use Cases

There are many high frequency trading models out there that could outperform all other strategies, if only they were run using a FIX API account as opposed to a bridged, MT4 account (for example). Our FIX API infrastructure has been designed specifically for the following type of strategies:

News trading – We love volatility

Latency trading – Why not?

Hyper Scalping – Every tick? Sure…

Trade Copying – Yes, yes, yes…

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