A Global Phenomenon

Traders from around the world are coming to Manhattan Global Markets. Every trader has their own reasons. Watch some of the trader testimonials to understand what motivated them to move to MGM.

About These Testimonials

It is important that we disclose to you that all these traders were incentivized to send us their testimonials. As you know, its not easy to collect customer comments so in order for us to motivate our traders to share their positive experiences with the rest of the world, we offered them an incentive.

Each trader that sends us a video testimonial like this gets our cross connected VPS absolutely free for 3 months.

Guidelines For Video Testimonials

All our traders that are interested in sharing their story with the rest of the trading community must follow our testimonial guidelines before sending us their videos. Our guidelines are very simple & easy to follow.

Try to keep your story to around 50-100 words. Write it down first. Rehearse it. You want to make a good impression to other traders. You must state our brand name (either Manhattan Global Markets or MGM) clearly at least once in the video.

Do Not Damage The Competition

As much as all our traders come to us because they have all been burnt elsewhere before, we do not want our traders to speak ill of any of our competitors. Everyone has their way of doing business and we just want to focus on our way.

When you send us your video, please make sure you don’t mention any other broker that you have used in the past by name. Its against our objectives and will be rejected. We strongly recommend that you send us your script before you record anything.

Tell us Your Story & Help A Fellow Trader

The awareness about Manhattan Global Markets is spreading fast and hundreds of traders have already switched over to the right side. If you’re new to Manhattan Global Markets, share your story with the rest of the traders out there. Support the truth and save another trader from losing money with a dealing desk broker.

Get in touch with Rumaina, our client services manager to discuss your story and see how we can help each other in this fight for truth.

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