At Manhattan Global Markets we pride ourselves in bringing you a sophisticated mix of trading instruments, maximizing your trading portfolio beyond the norm.

57 Currency Pairs

The currency market is the most liquid market in the world by a long shot. With over $5.3 trillion worth of currency trading flowing through the markets every day, trading Forex isn’t just a thing… it is THE thing.

Here’s our list of Forex pairs you can trade

Spot Metals & Commodities

When markets anticipate upcoming chaos (like with a Brexit type event), commodities become a safe haven for many investors and as a result present amazing opportunity for speculative traders like you and I to make some serious gains trading those instruments.

Checkout our commodities instrument list.


15 Global Indices

Indices (e.g. SP500, UK100) are a great instrument giving you a peek into the health of the equities market and at the same time allowing you the opportunity to make money trading them in the market.

Check our list of available indices

Blue Chip Stocks

You use these brands every day, from Apple to Google; from Microsoft to Facebook and everyone else in between. With our Stock Instruments you will now be able to trade NASDAQ, NYSE and LSE listed stocks. Those famous household names are now within grasp for every trader that wants to speculate and trade those stocks.

Take a look at the list of available stocks.

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