Down There…That’s where I learnt the trade

We didn’t have it easy like they show it in the movies. Trading the markets isn’t easy and we lost money more often than we won. However, having learnt the trade over the last decade, seen the ups and downs and figured things out – We owe our success to the vultures of Wall Street.


Manas Kumar, CEO

Hello traders. When I entered the world of trading, I had no idea how deep this rabit hole goes. Once I dived in, what I found was nothing short of just mind-blowing stuff. Here’s a bit of the back-story to help you understand how Manhattan Global Markets began its journey.


I started off just like you. An aspiring trader looking for an extra income source. For years I lived the corporate lifestyle working for a global software company. Working long hours, I made a lot of money but lost everything else that mattered. Broke in spirit, I needed to change my life. Change my lifestyle. Change my work. I watched a documentary about how the world’s money supply works and instantly I knew in my spirit that this was it. I’ve gotta get into this market.


One month later I quit my day job. I felt trading is what I am called to do. I put all my effort into it. With full focus and attention, I dived into the markets trading full time. I developed my own strategies and being a programmer by background, algorithmic trading came quite naturally to me. I understood the technology behind the markets and was able to very quickly build a few profitable strategies to operate in varying market conditions.


My algorithms worked amazingly well on demo accounts but the moment I went live with them, I would win for a week or two and then start losing money. It just made no sense. I could not explain what was going on. Upon further investigation and countless hours running scenarios, staring at charts and going through historical data I encountered the most inconvenient truth. I got a taste of corruption and skullduggery that I had never witnessed before in my life. Losses after losses. I was being cheated. I hit rock bottom one month – I had to stop trading to stop losing.


I spent the next 2 months investigating and learning the truth behind the “real” market. Not the market that you see in demo accounts. That’s all a setup. The real market is cut-throat, ruthless, has no integrity and exists only for its own gain. That market is made up of market makers, dealer-brokers, price manipulators and an underground movement that actually lives above the ground but you can’t see it. I decided to beat the market at its own game. What a bold move. Well, the good news is I made it. I developed systems that trade at nano-second frequency making trading decisions before the market maker has the chance to know what I am about to do. I learnt how to hide my pending orders, stop losses and take profit levels. How to be a detective and detect every move my scumbag broker was making against me and be one step ahead of that.


I figured it out. For the following several months I exploited the entire market with ridiculously accurate precision. I was ahead of the race and made enough money in a very short space of time. However, the trader lifestyle I now had was actually getting worse than my corporate lifestyle. I was once again edging toward the same cliff and I wasn’t going to fall off this time. Hence, I decided that I don’t need to trade. There’s a need in the market for a “REAL” brokerage that will do its “REAL” job – the job of helping traders win in the market. I figured that if I can impart my knowledge and experience to traders around the world, and helped them win, I could make a decent living and at the same time feel a sense of accomplishment that I actually changed something – I changed the fate of many traders. I changed the future of many families. I changed lives.



With support from my loved ones, strength from above and a serving heart, I started Manhattan Global Markets –  a true STP/ECN brokerage established in my favorite country in the world – New Zealand, the country that took me in two decades ago and made me her own.

With the help of our Chairman, we have assembled a star-studded team from within the markets. This team, carrying over 100 years of trading experience bought into my vision of creating a true, transparent, trader-focused brokerage and now it’s game time.

The backbone of our brokerage

Bringing you the best requires us to work with the best in the industry as far as liquidity and technology is concerned.

Our technology backbone is provided by the #1 technology behind the top liquidity providers in the world.

Even though we have many partner bank arrangements for Liquidity, our backbone is provided by UBS – you know how big they are…

That city (Manhattan) is where I got my first taste of the market. However, I did not get any inside tips from any famous Wall Street guys. I didn’t meet any major Hedge Fund guy who told me a secret or anything like that. I learnt this game with brute force tenacity and determination.

Our Philosophy

As a broker, we carry some very radical views about how we plan to run our brokerage. Take a moment to read our Philosophy. If you’re serious about trading, this will give you peace of mind beyond anything else.

7 Promises

  • We will never DEAL against you
  • We will never be a Market Maker
  • We will always be an STP Broker
  • We will provide you with Free tools to help you win
  • We will be fair in our pricing to you
  • We will never Re-Quote you
  • We will never manipulate prices

Common Questions

Are you regulated

Yes. Manhattan Global Markets is a trading brand of Manhattan Trading, corporate Trustees of the Manhattan Trust. Founded in New Zealand in 2013, the Manhattan Trust continues to operate out of Auckland under the Financial Service Provider Registry and the oversight of the FMA. No complaint has ever been adjudicated against our company under the Financial Dispute Resolution Scheme, a testament to our commitment, and one that has not and will not waver.

Client funds

Sometimes the toughest questions have the most simplistic of answers. At Manhattan Global Markets all Client Funds are held in segregated accounts and are never utilized to cover company related expenses or overhead. As a non-risk taking broker we do not trade on our own accounts, we do not run a dealing desk, nor do we put company assets at risk at anytime. Simple and TRANSPARENT, the mark of a solid trading PARTNER.

How do you make money

As awkward a question this might be to answer for many brokers, Manhattan Global Markets welcome this question from any trader. We make our money from the spread you pay on each transaction when you trade a security. We DO NOT charge you any commission on top of the spread. It is for this reason, you will see our spreads to be a tad higher than that of many other brokers who claim to operate under the ECN/STP model. However, if you do the math, you will find that we are still cheaper by a long shot. Here’s an example:

Broker A, offers 0.4 pip spread on EURUSD but charges $4.50 for each lot you trade.

Manhattan Global Markets charges 1.80 pip spread on EURUSD but no commission.

Lets see a comparison.


Broker AMGM
Spread1.5pip1.8 pips
1 Lot EURUSD Cost$19.50$18
  • Vitaly Anuzhnayev
    Vitaly AnuzhnayevThe Quant Guy

    During his time at one of Europe’s biggest trading bank (the blue one), Vitaly built some of the most profitable trading strategies using his Quantitative skills. Vitaly brings an “industrial” kind of strength to algorithmic trading and his joining the team was a great win for MGM.

    • Brian Mellors
      Brian MellorsChairman

      Brian has been instrumental in the birth of Manhattan Global Markets. Being a seasoned Wall Street banker, Brian has brought governance, discipline and impeccable wisdom that has helped shape our vision and take MGM to where it has come to thus far.

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