Manhattan Global Markets puts you in a very advantageous position in the market compared to any other trader. Continue reading to see how.

With every broker trying to win your business and the plethora of resources, freebies and noise in the marketplace, recognizing the real advantage a broker like us brings to you can be challenging. 

Accomplished trader

Come Taste a Real STP

You’ve traded and we’re certain you’ve experienced broker manipulation as a serious trader. Well we’re here to tell you that with us, you are going to experience a new dawn as far as a broker-partner relationship is concerned.

But you’re skeptical. You should be. However if we place two cups of coffee in front of you; one with sugar and the other without…how will you know which cup of coffee is sweet? Only by tasting…right?

ZERO Commissions

Keeping your cost of trading low is an important aspect of being a successful trader. We never understood the logic behind a spread + commission pricing model that all ECN/STP type brokers seem to charge. The real cost to us as a broker is only for liquidity which, in our case, we are choosing to cover through the spread alone.

Hence, with MGM, there are NO additional commissions. Your trades are going to carry the standard swaps (if left running beyond market close) but there are no extra commissions per Lot for example. That’s got to be a significant advantage to an accomplished trader such as you.

Any Strategy Goes

Let’s be honest with each other for a moment. There are several strategies out there that cause brokers and market makers to raise their eyebrows. Latency Arbitrage being the most common one. We’re here to tell you that we are NOT against any trading strategy so long as it does not involve opening and closing a trade in less than 10 ms.

The only reason we are against that strategy is because it puts additional load on our network which we are not equipped to handle today. As time progresses and as we grow bigger (through your support), we will expand our network and may be able to support this level of high frequency trading…Where can you get such transparency and openness about trading strategies?

Top Trading Conditions

Our liquidity comes from the top 8’s with the backbone provided by UBS, one of the largest liquidity providers on the planet. Our Oil liquidity comes directly from Goldman Sachs. Its important for you to know this so you will understand that the spreads you will get from us are going to be tighter than Wonder Woman’s spandex¬† leggings.

Even during market volatility and news releases, historically our spreads only expand by a tenth of the usual margin so you know the trading conditions you’re getting are more stable and predictable compared to anyone else in the market. As an accomplished trader, you must realize the uniqueness and advantage of this aspect of our brokerage.

New to Trading

The Experience Advantage

When you’re new to trading, you’re always in a hurry to see results in order to validate your choice to get into trading. This haste usually leads to emotionally motivated trading decisions which is a recipe for disaster.

With the trading tools you’re going to get when you open an account with us, you won’t just get a head start but also get an “out of the box” toolkit proven to perform in varying market conditions.

Trade With Confidence

Trading, like any new venture you invest in, can bring a lot of anxiety and stress. As a new trader, you need to grow your confidence which comes from each time you exit a trade with a profit. However, in order to exit a trade with a profit, you must first enter at the right time and at the right point.

Our tools provide you with accurate and instant entry signals that are as simple as following red=sell, blue=buy. With this level of simplicity, as a new trader, you can focus on trading and not get sucked into finding the best strategy to trade – the strategy is given to you for FREE. So go out there and trade with confidence.

The Trader Lifestyle

The life of a trader is nothing like the Hollywood projection you see in movies. Its a hard life. Long hours, staring at charts, analysis, analysis and more analysis. However, we’re here to tell you that it no longer needs to be like this. With our trading tools, you will have the ability to leverage off years of fine-tuning, strategy and trading discipline packed into a bunch of automated tools that you can have running your trades.

However, as a new trader, don’ be lazy and rely on just machines to do all the work for you. You must learn the ropes yourself. The best way to do this is to run the algorithms in “Co-Pilot” mode whereby you are using the algos to help you make decisions. Where else can you get such a head start?

Escape The Noise

Every new trader wants a winning strategy. And so she goes out looking for signal providers, indicators, trading systems, books, resources and gets on the hunt for a “trading holy grail”. While there ain’t no Holy Grail out there, we’ve got you covered in terms of the right indicators, resources, strategies and signals.

Manhattan Global Markets have secured rights for some of the most accurate trading signals on the planet. We pay thousands of dollars to these super successful traders to provide us their signals, which we pass onto you 100% Free (as long as you are an active trader). These signals can give your trading aspirations a mega boost with trading actions coming from the best of the best in the industry.

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