Machines are better traders than humans because of one fundamental reason. Machines aren’t driven by emotions like us humans. Besides that, machines can calculate and make decisions much faster than you and I so its a sensible idea to use machine power where human power isn’t enough.

All our traders get access to proven, tested and high performing trading algorithms that helped us make enough money to be able to open our own brokerage. Now everyone has an advantage…We call it the MANHATTAN EDGE


What is Algorithmic Trading?

If you google this question, you will get all sorts of definitions from the likes of Wikipedia and Investopedia and every other pedia under the sun. We have a simple definition.

Algorithmic Trading is trading whereby trade decisions are taken by computer code based on mathematics and quantitative analysis of financial instruments.

At Manhattan Global Markets, every trader has the chance to become an algo trader. Continue reading this page to see how.


Rise of the Quant

“Quant”, short for quantitative analyst is a new breed of trader that is behind the most successful high frequency trading strategies deployed by large banks and hedge funds.

Quants have specialist skills in developing complex algorithms (or algos for short) to exploit minute discrepancies, fluctuations, lags and “glitches” in the market. Brokers traditionally do not like Quants when they’re not employed by them. In our case, we don’t care. In fact, we give you quant based algos for free to improve your trading results.

Auto-Pilot Mode

When you sign up with us you instantly get access to our algorithmic trading systems via MT4 terminal. You can choose to run them in auto-pilot whereby the algorithms themselves make all the decisions or you can run them in “Co-Pilot” mode whereby the algos will alert you to trading opportunities but it is you who pushes the button to execute the trade.

Co-Pilot Mode

Co-Pilot mode basically means manual trading whereby you are responsible for making the actual trade decision. The Algos will simply point you to the opportunity and then its up to you to decide what to do. However, the algorithm does identify and automatically apply Stop Loss and Take Profit Levels based on its programming so the only decision you’re making as a Co-Pilot is about the entry.

Advantage to You

Our greatest success as full time traders came when we combined automated algorithmic trading with parallel manual trading. As a trader, you can run our algos on a VPS within MT4 and trade manually at the same time. This way you can get the best of both worlds and maximize the opportunity to increase your profit potential by trading multiple instruments simultaneously.

Deploy our Algos on a VPS

Our infrastructure is hosted in the same data center as the biggest banks in the world. With less than 10 milisecond connection time, you will get the best trading results when you run the algos on a cross connected VPS. This way the algos are running every second the market is open and making you money while you’re sleeping.

Our server infrastructure is hosted at a tier 1 data center with direct connectivity to the main hubs for fastest bandwidth and data speeds. In fact, 6 of the 8 largest banks in the world have racks next to ours in the same data center.

Manhattan Global Markets have partnered with Beeks FX, an accomplished VPS provider for the trading community for a long time. Beeks have their VPS right next to ours in the same data center – This is an Algo Traders’ dream combo.

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