We Have a Radical Approach to Running a Brokerage

We figured radical differentiation demands radical thinking, which can only come from a strong, value-driven philosophy where there’s no compromise and no regrets.

We’re not for everyone

We are not interested in attracting every trader. We wish to work with experienced or semi-experienced traders that are serious about trading the markets. We are offering a lot of free tools that are of significant value to us and we want to make sure those tools end up in the right hands.

No short Cuts

We will grow our brokerage slowly and steadily over time. We are not going to take crazy short cuts driven by greed or desire to make a quick buck. As a broker, there are many opportunities that we will be presented with to make quick money – we will put our traders’ interest ahead of any quick rich option – ALWAYS.

Don’t Fudge Things

Brokers typically tend to give traders a lot of BS about why spreads change from o.4 to 4.4 sometimes and why slippage/execution delay increases from 0.1 to 10 just when you start winning. Not with us. We WILL NOT increase our spreads manually. Our spreads will be driven by true market forces directly from our liquidity providers. No fudging in the middle.

Don’t Sell Pipe Dreams

Unlike other brokers you will not see us say things like “Trading the markets is super easy.. anyone can do it”. That’s not true. Trading the markets isn’t easy and no everyone cannot do it. Those tactics are designed to lure naive folks into investing with these brokers only to find that they lose everything within a month or so because they didn’t know what they were doing. We will not sell you any Pipe Dreams.

Trading is not Gambling

Many people believe that trading is like gambling. It is for 95% of those who lose. For the 5% who don’t, its a sophisticated business that demands a great degree of discipline, skill and knowledge of the markets. This is a serious business for us. We are not running a gambling house which is why, junkies and slot machine addicts are not welcome here. Serious traders know what it takes to trade the markets and make a living.

We don’t do Binaries

Because of our principles around how we treat Trading, we DO NOT and WILL NOT offer Binary Options Trading. In our opinion, Binary Trading is a plague in the world of trading and needs to be eliminated. It is single-handedly destroying families just like gambling and addiction – Do you really believe predicting whether an instrument is going to go up or down in the next 60 seconds is anything more than a gambling guess?

Fight For The Trader

Most amateur traders don’t know this but the entire brokerage industry is setup to work against the trader. Most brokers are also market makers, meaning that they sit on the opposite side of your trades instead of a high end Liquidity Provider (such as a big bank) being the counter party in your trades. This deception makes it possible for them to manipulate prices and ensure you lose more than you make, ultimately leaving the “House” in the green because as you know, the House never loses.

With us, this will never happen. We do not have the capital reserves to act as the counter party in your trades. We have no desire to do that because it requires bigger investment from us and more employees – Meaning more headache. We are family oriented guys and we don’t want to work 22 hours a day stealing your money.

When you trade, we simply “pass” your trade to our upstream liquidity provider (e.g. UBS or Barclays or one of the big 8). If you lose the trade, the money goes to them. If you win the trade, the money comes from them. We don’t get involved in that part of the deal AT ALL.

Because our relationship with you is that of an ECN and a Trader, we protect you from any bias from liquidity providers as far as them being worried about your winning ratio being so high.

Win as much as you want. Use whichever strategy you want to. Trade fair. Trade safe and we will be your shield from the inter-bank market makers who can sometimes act against you.

We believe in you. We fight for you. We protect you.


Our Risk Position

As a brokerage, we do not provide you with any liquidity ourselves. Our liquidity comes from the top liquidity providers like UBS. Your trades are not matched by us – meaning when you buy, we aren’t the ones buying it off you. We are simply passing your orders to the liquidity pool – that’s it. We assume no risk from any of your trades.

This also means that we are not motivated by whether you win or lose the trade. If we are not motivated by that, we also have no motivation to manipulate the market conditions which would cause you to either win or lose – something every broker has the ability to do – us included but we choose NOT to get involved in washing that dirty laundry.

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